3rd Festival of Polish Culture - the VERY last event – rock concert "post scriptum"


Thank you all for promoting our festival (www.festival-polonais.lu) amongst your compatriots, friends, colleagues. Thank you for spreading out the information about the biggest Polish festivity in the Grand-Dutchy, that is going inevitably ;) to its end. This "end" will be the "post scriptum" concert – the double gig of the 2 rock groups – Chemia from Poland ( http://chemiasound.com/en/ ) and Porn Queen from Luxembourg ( http://www.pornqueenband.com/ ).

The concert will take place this Saturday, April 27, at 21.00 in the Melusina Club (Luxemboug-Clausen; http://www.melusina.lu/events/post-scriptum/ ).

The tickets are available here: http://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu/8/eid,3393/chemia-%28pl%29-vs-porn-queen... and, of course, at the doors before the concert in the Melusina.


I'd like to ivite you very warmly to go to this very last event of our Festival and encourage your friends/colleagues to come! Please note, that the most of the repertoire of both groups will be sung in English, so it is supposed to be really international and multiculti event!

Therefore, I'd be very thankful, if you could also promote this concert in the webpages of your communities here in Luxembourg! To help you in that I'd like to propose you to make use of our "promo materials" without any limitations. The poster - you can find attached. Other graphics (photos) you can find here: http://polska.lu/festival-polonais/promo/2013-04-27-Chemia/ , texts here: http://polska.lu/festival-polonais/promo/all-texts/web/EN/2013-04-27%20C... ; http://polska.lu/festival-polonais/promo/all-texts/web/FR/2013-04-27%20C... ; http://polska.lu/festival-polonais/promo/all-texts/web/DE/2013-04-27%20C... and audio stuff here: http://polska.lu/festival-polonais/promo/2013-04-27-Chemia/audio/Chemia/ and here: http://polska.lu/festival-polonais/promo/2013-04-27-Chemia/audio/PornQueen/

Looking forward to see you this Saturday night @ Melusina


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